UPSC Mains (Civil Service Main Exam) is the second stage of Civil Service Exam. The candidates who have successfully cleared IAS prelims are eligible to take up IAS Mains. The main examination comprises of total nine papers out of which only seven papers are taken into account while preparing the merit list. Now lets us look at the various strategies that are required for preparing UPSC Mains.


      Good Command over English.
      Should be devoted towards study.
      A good writing style (handwriting).
      Should be Confident.
      Should be aware of Current affairs.
      Critical Self-Assessment.
      One should be patient.
      To the point approach.

Prelims Preparation
It is better to start the preparation prior to the exam, let’s say seven months before the exam. If you are planning to prepare while working it is better to start at the earliest or if you are planning after graduation it is better to start the preparation soon after the final exam.

Initial Step to start Preparation
      Refer the previous year’s question papers.
      Understand the UPSC Syllabus.
      Read the basic study materials.

Selection of Optional Subject
Apart from Essay Paper and General Studies, the candidates who are eligible for attending the main examination should choose an optional subject. It is mandatory for all candidates. According to the new format, GS carries the highest percentage of marks. So it is better not to select the optional subject at the beginning of the preparation. The main reason is that in General Studies papers introduce one to various subjects namely Geography, Political Science, Public Administration and Sociology. Every subject is characterised with different presentation technique, writing style and pattern. 

Beneath are some of the basic criteria’s.
      The subject that is interesting and easy to understand.
      Analysis of previous years question papers and syllabus
for the subjects that have been shortlisted.
      Graduation Background.
      Based on the availability of guidance and study materials.
      Thinking Pattern and Presentation Techniques of a particular
optional subject.

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